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Welcome to Builder Mentality!

My name is Devan Dutta and I'm a software engineer in the Bay Area who loves CS! I started coding when I was in elementary school with web development and went on to desktop and mobile development through middle school and high school. During my internships and after graduating from college, I primarily worked on projects that involved Python, but I also did C++ and Go development. I really enjoy distributed systems projects, and especially ones that leverage multiple languages so I can push myself to learn new paradigms.

In college, my internships were at Symantec, Facebook, and LinkedIn. My first full-time role was in Lyft, Level 5 (the self driving division). I'm currently working at Wing, a previous Google[X] project and now an Alphabet company focused on autonomous drone delivery!

What is this blog?

I initially built this blog with a focus on topics that would primarily be of interest to SWEs (software engineers), but it has since expanded to include topics, such as finance and investing, which are applicable to a wider audience. As such, this blog is positioned at the intersection of software engineering, finance, and investing, but I may choose to discuss other stuff which interests me and which I think could interest others too. I really enjoy learning new things, discussing them with my peers, and pushing my curiosity even further.

Over the years, I have learned a lot from my parents, teachers, peers, and mentors, and I would really like to pass that on, as well as my own learnings, so that others can have access to the advantages that I did. And a primary advantage is knowledge.

The blog is named Builder Mentality because I believe that everyone seeks to build their best possible lives by growing and improving themselves, through the acquisition and application of knowledge.

After multiple people in my network recommended to me that I start a blog to discuss what I've learned, I thought it was an excellent idea and the rest was history!

So if all things software engineering, finance, or investing interest you (or you just want to read some fun ramblings), this is the place for you!

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All things software engineering, finance, and investing.